I passed the Virginia bar exam! Woohoo!

(And to you who has just said, “Now, on to California!” — umm, no. No, no, never again, no.)



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9 responses to “Relief…

  1. bex

    yay yay yay double yay!

  2. OMG! So so so happy for you…congratulations!!!

  3. monkey

    ooh, ps, I too am surprised someone else eats the thin crust pineapple jalapeno. I always feel like a freak when I order.

  4. Congratulations! Awesome. Truly awesome.

  5. I will repeat again, congrats. And come on, I know some part of you wants to complete the trifecta of hardest part exams!!! I’m think I may have to take WA if I move before 5 years, and I’m not relishing the thought.

  6. Congratulations! Now hope you never move and have to take it again.

  7. I’m giving you so many mad props on this one because you took it in a suit-which is all sorts of madcrazy torture.

  8. Hot Damn!
    *pops champagne cork*

  9. Woohoo!! Congratulations!