Bar Exam, The Second…

And… I’m back. The VA day went better than expected and the MBE was sort of… bizarre. They just weren’t the typical sort of questions from our review and even compared to the last exam I took. I’m giving myself a 75-80% chance of passing. There was only one essay that totally threw me for a loop, but it was on professional responsibility which is probably the easiest of all subjects to fudge your way through. Plus, everyone else took the same review class I did, so they had never seen the issue before either. Also, the MBE had a WILLS question on it, which is… um… not one of the multistate subjects. I guess technically they must have considered it as falling under property, but unless you actually had to study wills in your state, there was no way you would know the answer just from the property lecture. Luckily, it was super easy… although, I’m thinking it may be one of the 10 questions they throw out.
So now we just wait until October.



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5 responses to “Bar Exam, The Second…

  1. bex

    welcome back to the world of the living!!! keeping my fingers crossed til october…well, mentally anyway!

  2. Remember on the 2005 MBE, the question about land deeds and figuring out how to complete the property lines? Yeah, bastards…

  3. Didn’t that just involve drawing a rectangle? At least it is property related… unlike asking what happens when property is devised in a will and the devisee predeceases the testator… so CLEARLY a wills question. There weren’t even property answers!

  4. I will be thinking positive thoughts for you!