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Forever Young…

Yesterday, Adam picked up a photo I have on the bookcase in my living/dining room and called to me while I was fixing my hair in the bathroom…
Adam: Who’s this?
Me: That’s Sarah. From San Diego. She gave that to me for my high school graduation.
Adam: [with disbelief] You were in high school here?
Me: Yeah, senior year. We were in Italy.
Adam: [looks at photo, looks at me, looks back at photo]
Me: What?
Adam: It’s just…
Me: I look exactly the same?
Adam: Yeah…
Me: Yeah, that’s why I say I look like I’m 17. Although, I’m 18 in that picture… by a month or so.
Adam: [picks up another photo of my family] When was this taken?
Me: Um, Christmas my first year of law school, so… four and a half years ago. 2002.
Adam: [looks at photo, looks at me, looks back at photo] Are you sure? You look like this now.
Me: No, I have bangs now. [and an extra 20 pounds] Besides, look at my brother. He’s little. [who was 15 years old and apparently about 5’3″ in that photo, and nearly 20 years old and 6′ now]
Adam: Oh yeah. [picks up another photo] And when was this one?
Me: Same day. We’re wearing all the same clothes.
Adam: Oh. Right.


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