Two days to go…

I have written so much that I no longer have feeling on the tip of my right middle finger. (Yes, I hold my pen in such a peculiar way that puts ridiculous amounts of pressure on that point.)
I have learned more about Corporations and Real Property than I will ever, ever have to know (after Wednesday, anyway).
I have done hundreds and hundreds of multiple choice questions and am very happy to be at that 65-68% range. (The only time in my life where aiming for a D is good enough.)
I learned enough law in the past week to be able to write a coherent essay in the mechanical, dry form that is required of me.
I have figured out how to get to my hotel and to the testing center and back… on paper at least.
I have filled up my gas tank, balanced my checkbook, and paid all my bills so I can get on the road in the morning and not have to worry about my finances for the next week. I also made a Target run to stock up on new pens, razors, and quasi-healthy snack food for my hotel room. (All before 11:30AM!)
I have eaten more take-out and junk food in the past week than ever before, and am looking forward to getting either take-out sushi or thai later tonight.
I am officially sick of chocolate. Yet, I cannot stay away from the GIANT (three-bag-full) bowl of M&Ms on the counter. (No, I did not buy the M&Ms.) I’m also kind of sick of ice cream, although only having it twice (although, once included eating a pint-and-a-half carton in one day). I think I am just sick of sugar, generally.
I have a month and a half of laundry to still do today.
I have three more essays left to do today. I have to review NY multiple choice answers today. I should do some more essays if there is time.
I have been on a crazy rollercoaster of incredibly sane, confident moments and absolutely totally stress-ball sort of moments. One minute, I’m totally fine and realize I have just the right amount of info tucked away in my brain, and the next the stress of the past eight weeks hits me like a freight train.
But right now? Feeling totally a-okay about the exam. I’m more worried about getting lost on the way to the exam or forgetting something like my cell phone charger. But the exam? I think I can handle that.
We’ll see what tomorrow (or hell, later this afternoon) brings.



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3 responses to “Two days to go…

  1. nm

    good luck! i have a few friends up here in boston taking the exam and you are MUCH calmer than they are…what an evil test!

  2. Thanks. The calmness very much comes and goes, but at least it’s here now, right?