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Not that it’s terribly interesting and all, but what the heck…
So, bar exam up in Albany. The exam itself was, well, not so bad. I mean, yeah, it was hard as hell and my hand hurt a ton afterwards, but I was prepared. And I only freaked out a little on Monday night when I was supposed to meet my friend and his fiance for dinner around 6 but then he had car trouble so it got pushed back to about 8 and I’m thinking, “Hey dipshit! I have a two-day exam that is somewhat determinative of my future to take tomorrow and I can’t wait around all night for your cheap, broken-down car owning ass.” But then I went back to the hotel to grab my NY Testing book to review while I waited and that calmed me down. So yeah, no freaking out and fairly calm the whole way through, and yeah I know I screwed some stuff up and didn’t know some things, but I should have been able to get it half right, and really that’s all I need. Hopefully.
It felt good to take it in familiar territory. I am so glad that I did not take it in NYC. I would have been way more stressed out about finding my testing center and having to rely on public transportation and all, plus hotels would have been way more expensive. At least with Albany, I know my way around. It was weird… a friend from school was all like “So how does it feel to be home?” and I fake-grinned and was like, “Oh, it’s nice,” while thinking “I’m not from Albany!” For some reason, so many people from school think that is where I am from. Oh, upstate NY? Clearly, you must be from Albany. People, people… NY is a big state! Yes, I went to college right around there and I had friends who went to school in Albany that I saw a lot, but no, it’s not home. But then? Driving home from the test that first day? Yeah, I saw the place I got my tattoo, the bar where the beginning of the end of my first real relationship took place, a half-dozen “It’s time for a Hoffman car wash” signs, the street one of my best friends lived on up there, the 55 and the 12 and the bus stop at Washington and Lark. So, no, it’s not home, but it was still familiar and somewhat comforting. Maybe not home, but a home-away-from-home for four years. Like taking the hardest exam of my life in my own backyard. So that made things easier, and probably was why I was so much more relaxed than I expected to be.
Oh, and another reason I love upstate NY? Labatt Blue, baby! Love me some Canadian beer.
Anyway, so yes… Monday night, went to dinner with friend and his fiance, Tuesday took exam and met Jill for lunch, Tuesday night met with about 8 or 9 other NY bar takers from school for dinner where I ate about an entire loaf of bread and a huge amount of pasta… you’d think I was running a marathon the next day or something. Wednesday, more bar exam, drove back to my parents’ house with a stop off at the train station to drop off a friend, then came home, watched the Mets game, and passed right the hell out. Thursday, slept in (gotta love AC, super dark window shades, and no sirens), did a little shopping with my mom and bro, then went down to NYC for what was supposed to be two nights. Three of us split a bottle of champagne, went out to dinner for awesome pita pizzas and a bottle of wine, then attempted to go out but were so exhausted we each had one drink before calling it quits. Friday, woke up early, hot, and sticky, showered, grabbed bagels, and ate breakfast in Central Park. I was supposed to stick around in the city for my chica’s birthday party, but I was so exhausted I knew there was no freakin’ way I would make it til 4AM (gotta love NY – bars open til 4 and no smoking), so I headed back to my parents’ house, where I spent hours watching television and introducing my mom to Firefly and Veronica Mars. Yesterday, swimming at the grandparents’, dinner and Wedding Crashers with Kristin, and FINALLY! starting to read Harry Potter. Oh, how I love it so. Today, more HP, bbq at my aunt and uncle’s new (HUGE!!!!) house. Tomorrow, drive back to DC and dinner at Galileo. Tuesday… the world!


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It’s done!

It’s done! It went well, or at least as well as can be expected, and I’m fairly certain I will not have to re-live this hell all over again in February. Such a huge relief off my shoulders.
Anyway, off to the big city (a.k.a. NYC) for a few days of celebration of the end-of-bar-exam and friend’s birthday kinds, so I probably won’t post again until Saturday, when you can get a full recap of the Albany and NYC trips… complete with pictures! :-)
And thanks to everyone who sent me well-wishes, whether by email, card, or comment… you guys are the bestest ever!

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Two days to go…

I have written so much that I no longer have feeling on the tip of my right middle finger. (Yes, I hold my pen in such a peculiar way that puts ridiculous amounts of pressure on that point.)
I have learned more about Corporations and Real Property than I will ever, ever have to know (after Wednesday, anyway).
I have done hundreds and hundreds of multiple choice questions and am very happy to be at that 65-68% range. (The only time in my life where aiming for a D is good enough.)
I learned enough law in the past week to be able to write a coherent essay in the mechanical, dry form that is required of me.
I have figured out how to get to my hotel and to the testing center and back… on paper at least.
I have filled up my gas tank, balanced my checkbook, and paid all my bills so I can get on the road in the morning and not have to worry about my finances for the next week. I also made a Target run to stock up on new pens, razors, and quasi-healthy snack food for my hotel room. (All before 11:30AM!)
I have eaten more take-out and junk food in the past week than ever before, and am looking forward to getting either take-out sushi or thai later tonight.
I am officially sick of chocolate. Yet, I cannot stay away from the GIANT (three-bag-full) bowl of M&Ms on the counter. (No, I did not buy the M&Ms.) I’m also kind of sick of ice cream, although only having it twice (although, once included eating a pint-and-a-half carton in one day). I think I am just sick of sugar, generally.
I have a month and a half of laundry to still do today.
I have three more essays left to do today. I have to review NY multiple choice answers today. I should do some more essays if there is time.
I have been on a crazy rollercoaster of incredibly sane, confident moments and absolutely totally stress-ball sort of moments. One minute, I’m totally fine and realize I have just the right amount of info tucked away in my brain, and the next the stress of the past eight weeks hits me like a freight train.
But right now? Feeling totally a-okay about the exam. I’m more worried about getting lost on the way to the exam or forgetting something like my cell phone charger. But the exam? I think I can handle that.
We’ll see what tomorrow (or hell, later this afternoon) brings.


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