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Back Home

Hey all!
I’m back in the states – sorry that I didn’t get to keep this updated while in London. While I was away, things on the website started to go awry and I couldn’t fix it from there. Anyway, London was fun – worked hard and played hard. :-) The heat was absolutely unbearable, though. They do not believe in air conditioning or cold bottled water apparently, so I spent the last two days kind of sick from the heat. We had an afternoon tea at The Savoy our last day there after exams. It is this incredibly posh and fancy hotel, Winston Churchill’s favorite apparently, where the powerful people come to take their afternoon tea. And at this lavish hotel, they had ONE FAN in the entire massive ballroom where we were served melting cakes, drippy clotted cream, and piping hot tea and coffee on a 90+ degree day. So much for classy – we were all fanning ourselves with play programs and brochures that we stole from the concierge. We were all definitely ready to head home to sticky, humid DC where at least we could hide away in our air conditioned apartments and offices.
Now that I am back, I am enjoying my last three weeks of freedom before classes: unpacking, cleaning and reading for my clinic orientation; working for a week and finishing reading for orientation; and then spending mornings interviewing with 12 firms in the hopes of finding one that will hire me for next summer and then possibly after graduation and afternoons at clinic orientation. Fun!
Alright, I’ll keep you updated as the home stretch to being a 2L continues… for now, I need to grab a beer. :-)


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